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Sailcargo Inc.

Ceiba is a 46 meter, three masted topsail cargo schooner being built in the mangroves of Costa Rica. When launched, she will be shipping sustainable cargo between Colombia and the United States.


Partnered with sailcargo inc, AstilleroVerde (spanish for green shipyard) are planting 25 trees for every one used to build Ceiba and any future ships. They work with the local community in north-west Costa Rica to run education programs as well as employing locals to plant the trees.

Embercombe UK

Embercombe was once a community focused on permaculture, organic agriculture and eco-living. Now it has undergone a transformation to begin a process of rewilding its 50 acres of land near Dartmoor in Devon, UK. Thyer run courses to teach people about rewilding and to focus on the importance of nature in ones own life.